U Pick Apples


Apple Picking Season is over for 2020. Join our Email list to keep up-to-date on when Apple picking will start in 2021! 

Our Orchard has many varieties to pick including Ginger Golds, Jonamacs, Cortlands, Empire, Honeycrisp, Golden Delicious, Crispin and Rome. Apple Picking typically available from August to November.

Apple bags available for purchase in 1/2 bushel and peck sizes.

Please call the farm at (845)626-7137 for apple availability. This season (as with all) depends on the weather and the growing season.

Pick your own Apples is a Great Way for Fall Family Fun at Kelder’s Farm!

Apple picking

Check out the Apples!

Growing Farm memories

Latest on what we are Picking Today!

Visit our What’s Happening page to see what is available for picking Today. We do trying to keep our website up to date with the latest. However, It is best to call the farm directly at (845)626-7137.