What's Happening on the Farm?


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What Produce we are Picking: Updated as of 7/29/2021

Pick your own availability can vary based on the weather conditions and the season. Fruits, vegetables and flowers are an agricultural crop and therefore subject to weather, growing conditions, and ripening variables. This available is an estimate. 

ProduceEst. ScheduleAvailability
BlueberriesBeginning of JulyPicking Now!
LettuceVariesPicking Now!
KaleMid-June-SeptemberPicking Now!
BroccoliMid-JunePicking Now!
CucumbersBeginning of June-End of JunePicking Now!
ZucchiniJuly-AugustPicking Now!
Summer SquashJuly-AugustPicking Now!
CabbageJulyPicking Now!
HerbsBeginning of JulyPicking Now!
FlowersJuly-AugustPicking Now!
CauliflowerJuly-AugustPicking Now!
PotatoesJuly-AugustDigging Now!
CarrotsJulyDigging Now!
Sweet CornJuly-SeptemberPicking Now!
BeetsJulyPicking Now!
TomatoesJuly-SeptemberPicking Now!
Cherry TomatoesJuly-SeptemberPicking Now!
EggplantJuly-AugustPicking Now!
PeppersJuly-SeptemberPicking Now!

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Latest on what we are Picking Today!

Visit our What’s Happening page to see what is available for picking Today. We do try to keep our website up to date with the latest. Get tickets to the Farm Today! However, It is best to call the farm directly at (845)626-7137.