Season Passes are a great way to enjoy the farm all season long! Visit us anytime during regular farm hours! 

Season Passes

2020 will be

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Farm Fun

2020 Season Pass
$ 30 per Person
  • Unlimited Farmyard Admission
  • Farm Festivals
  • Fun For all Ages!
Per Person


2020 Season Pass
$ 99 5 Family Members
  • 5 Farm Fun Season Passes
  • Farm Fun
  • Fun For all Ages!

A-MAZEing DEAL! Saves in only 2-3 Visits! Season typically runs from April through November. Produce picked is not included with season pass. You are responsible for paying for all the produce you pick. Activity availability depends on season and time of year. Season passes are non-transferable. Starred * activities are not available everyday and depend on season as well. Season Passes are included with our CSA Memberships as well. Adults and Children ages 3 and up. Ages 2 and under are free to enter with another pass holder and do not require a season pass.

Great Deal! Pays off in only a couple of visits