Do you accept credit cards?2022-05-23T11:50:41-04:00

We accept all credit cards everywhere throughout the farm, but we do not accept cash everywhere at the farm.

If you come with cash, you will have the option to load it to a Kelder’s Farm gift card at the farm market to utilize throughout your visit. If you have a remaining balance at the end of your visit you can redeem on future visits or simply exchange the remaining balance back for cash.

Cash is accepted in the farm market.

Can I bring my pet?2022-05-12T02:12:18-04:00

Leashed Pets are allowed in the farmyard activity area and parking lot. However, due to federal & state food safety regulations, pets are not allowed in the picking fields, orchard or farm market with the exception of service animals. If able, please leave your pets at home. We also do not want to see any animals left unattended in hot vehicles.

What is available for picking right now?2022-05-12T02:12:52-04:00

During the season, what is available for picking can change daily based on the weather and time of season. To keep up to date, join our email list or call us at (845)626-7137

Are you open rain or shine?2022-05-12T02:13:19-04:00

Yes, we are open rain or shine. You may want to pack an umbrella!

How long do people stay at the farm?2022-05-12T02:13:42-04:00

That is up to you! You can visit as long or short as you like. Typically, people stay anywhere from 2 to 5 hours.

Does everyone need a pass to enter the Farm?2022-05-12T02:14:06-04:00

Yes, everyone ages 3-79 needs a pass to enter the farmyard attraction area and pick your own.

Is admission required to access the food and drink area of the farm?2022-05-12T02:14:34-04:00

No, Of Course! It is free to visit and shop in the farm market. Also, you can visit the taproom and order food without paying admission. However, if you would like to enter the pick your own fields or farmyard you have to pay admission.

Do I need to print my pass?2022-05-12T02:14:51-04:00

You do not need to print your pass. Tickets can be downloaded to your phone or tablet or looked up by name or email.

Are there bathrooms available?2022-05-12T02:15:22-04:00

Yes, we have bathrooms near the farm market and in various locations on the farm.

Can I bring food and beverages to the farm?2022-06-02T10:33:50-04:00

No, outside food & beverages are not allowed on the farm unless you have dietary restrictions. We offer food & beverages for purchase at the farm. See Food & Drinks for more information.

How do I my U-pick Experience Punch Card that is included with my Season Pass?2024-04-13T08:27:23-04:00

You will receive your U-pick Punch Card at your first visit to the farm!

Valid during U-pick season of each crop, one redemption per visit, while supplies last. Not exchangeable for cash, other items, or additional U-Pick produce. Expires on September 15, 2024. Valid only with Season Pass Admission during U-pick season. Subject to availability, must be present to redeem. Scan QR Code for more information.

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