This is the start of our fabulous season!

We begin with the picking of strawberries, sugar snap peas and spinach!
Come be a part of the best farm memories!

Pick Your Own

strawberries - pick your own


Beginning to Mid June
 Come join us for the Strawberry Picking Celebration at Kelder’s Farm! Come on down for a Farm Family Tradition for the first fruit of the season! A perfect way to kick off the First Fruit of the Season!
pick your own spinach


Beginning to Mid June
Spinach is the first Leafy vegetable of the season. Fresh spinach is the best! Spinach is followed by other vegtables in the spring including lettuce and kale.
snap peas - pick your own

Sugar Snap Peas

Beginning to Mid June
Sugar Snap Peas are the perfect combine to pick with Strawberries

Pick your own availability dates can vary based on the weather conditions, the growing crop and the season. Fruits, vegetables and flowers are agricultural crops and therefore subject to weather, growing conditions and ripening variables.

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