Our fall season has all the fun family activities!

Apple Picking is Limited at this point of the Season

Corn mazes, apple picking and pumpkin picking, apple cannons and more!
Enjoy the changing of the colors and and start your family traditions with magical farm memories!

Pick Your Own

Pumpkin Picking

August – Beginning of September
Kelder’s have U-pick pumpkins growing in their fields every fall season.
Thousands of pumpkins in over a dozen varieties available to pick in all different shapes, sizes, weights and colors.

Concord Grape

September – First Frost
Concord Grapes are a delcious grape! Come pick your own right off the vine.


September – First Frost
Our Raspberries are a fan favorite! Come pick your own! They are perfect for jam or eats right away!


Mid-September – End of October
Come get some squash! We grow butternut, buttercup, acorn and some many other varieties!


Mid-September – End of October
Come pick some gourd for all your Fall decorations! There are all shapes and sizes!

Pick your own availability dates can vary based on the weather conditions, the growing crop and the season. Fruits, vegetables and flowers are agricultural crops and therefore subject to weather, growing conditions and ripening variables.

Apple Picking

Mid-August – October

Apple Varieties we grow!
ginger gold apples

Ginger Golds

Mid-August – Beginning of September

Ginger Golds are a great snacking apple! They are excellent for eating and salads.

Ginger Golds are sweet with mildly tart overtones and are fine textured with a crisp cream-colored flesh

jonamac apples


Beginning of September – Mid-September

Jonamac Apples are a cross between Jonathan and McIntosh apples. Jonamacs are an excellent eating apple.

They have a firm flesh and a crisp sweet & tart flavor with cinnamon and nutmeg undertones

honeycrisp apples



Honeycrisp apples are a honey sweet and have amazing crispiness. This apple was introductioned in 1991 and continues to become more popular every year!  Honeycrisps are excellent for eating and salads. They are also good for sauces, baking and pies.

Honeycrisp apples are complex and have a sweet-tart flavor. They are juicy and have super-crisp yellow flesh.

Normally, They are picked very quickly as they are very popular!

cortland apples


Mid-September – Beginning of October

Cortland are a great all-purpose apple. They were developed in Geneva, NY in 1898. Cortlands are excellent for baking, eating, salads, sauces & pies. They are also good for freezing!

Cortland apples are sweet with a hint of tartness. They are juicy with a tender, snow-white flesh.

empire apples


Late-September – Beginning of October

Empire apples has the parents of a Red Delicious and McIntosh apples. Empires were developed at Cornell University in the 1940s. They are excellent for eating and salads. They are also good for sauces, baking, pies and freezing. 

Empires are a very versatile apple with a sweet-tart combination. Empires have a wonderful blend of sweet and tart. They are juicy with a very crisp, creamy white flesh.

golden delicious apples

Golden Delicious

Late-September – Beginning of October

Golden Delicious are a honey sweet apple with its golden color. They have a mild and sweet flavor. Golden Delicious are excellent for eating, salads and sauces. They are also good for pies, baking and freezing. 

Golden Delicious are juicy, crisp and have a light yellow flesh.

crispin apples


Beginning of October – End of October

Crispin apples have a great crunch and mouthful of sweet juice in every bite. The original name was Mutsu. It was renamed in the late 1960s and have gained fans ever since. Crispins are excellent for eating,sauces baking and freezing. They are also good for salads and pies.

Crispins are sweet, very refreshing, very juicy and have extra crisp.

rome apples


Beginning of October – End of October

Rome apples are an old-time variety originated in Ohio in 1816 but widely grown in New York. Romes are excellet for sauces, baking and pies. They are also good for salads and freezing.

Rome apples are mildly tartwith a firm, greenish white flesh.

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