Farm Attractions & Activities

Growing Farm Memories

Come to Kelder’s Farm for Fun Farm Attractions for all Ages! 


Jumping Pillow

We knew our massive jumping pillow would be a big hit with our younger guests — but teens, parents, and grandparents all love to get their bounce on! So check it out, hop on and get a real lift in life!


Petting Farm

Come feed and pet the many petting farm animals including alpacas, sheep, goats, cows and our famous donkeys. Animal food can be purchased at the farm market.

Enjoy the animals in our petting farm throughout the season. Come and see the honey bees “buzzy” at work making honey.

Farm Attractions


Homegrown Mini-Golf on Kelder’s Farm features real vegetables, fruit, grain and herbs. All of the plantings in the mini-golf garden are edible, some are unusual, and many of the varieties are also grown in the Kelder’s Farm U-Pick fields.

Farm Attractions

Spider Web

Come climb around the giant spider web. New in 2019!

Farm Attractions

Hayrides *

In the fall, come take a weekend hayride around the farm and see the crops grown and see the beautiful scenery of the Rondout Valley and Shawangunk Mountains. Hayrides are available for special events such as birthday parties and camp trips.

Farm Attractions

Milk a Cow *

Come to the farm and milk a cow! One of our most popular activities at the farm! Our 1400 lb Holstein dairy cow is available for groups, special events and birthday parties. Meet her on many summer and fall weekends. Call for more detailed availability!

Corn Maze

Our Corn Maze runs through acres of field corn — a winding maze of twists and turns. The eight-foot high corn stalk alleys zig-zag through the field, with lots of dead ends and even a room to rest. There is also a Castle and Tractor in the maze for a view over the corn if you are lost!

The Corn Maze typically opens in August for the fall season. However, this depends on the weather and growing season.

Apple Cannons *

Can you hit the Target? Try our Apples Cannons which can launch apples over 200 ft at over 100 mph! 

Farm Attractions


Our farm ponds are filled with Bass Fish. Can you catch the big one? You can rent one of our fishing poles or bring your own fishing pole.


Our wooden tractor with a wagon and slide, the Kelder Express & Caboose, and our Monster Truck with a slide are all big hits with our younger guests!

Some Attractions and Activities are available only during certain seasons and times. Starred* Attractions and Activities are not available everyday. Please call for details and available times. 

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